Monday, February 18, 2008


E's: We got a kitten! He's so cute and his name is Kleks. Of course now I have even more reason to do some sewing. To welcome him to his new home, I made him some catnip toys, a fish and a mouse.

Playing with his catnip fish

Kleks' window pillow and his new catnip mouse.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

New fairy tale fabric

E's: I took my mom to my favorite fabric store, Purl Patchwork, to buy some fabric for a quilt I'm going to make for her. Of course, I could not help myself and had to buy some new goodies. I love this fun fabric. It's so cute! Now I just have to think of what I want to make out of it...

More pillows

E's: Ah, pillows are so easy to make I could not help myself to make some new covers. I had the red silk fabric for a long time and I finally used it all for this project. I thought that all red pillows would be kind of boring so I added the white pieces with the decorative stitching.