Saturday, December 30, 2006

Favorite Thing

E's: I made this cell phone case few months ago one evening. I made up a pattern and used scraps of fabric from other projects and my boyfriend's old jeans. It's my favorite thing. I used it all the time and my Nokia fits perfectly in it.

M's: I don't have a favorite thing. I haven't created enough to deem any one thing as worthy of this status. However, I did make a similar pocket for my cell phone, as I did:
(a) admire E's and
(b) it was easy to copy the measurements since we have the same phone; and
(c) leftover jean scraps were readily available. the man has long legs.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Scarf Season

Skein of Highlands and Islands Balmoral (double knitting with pure silk) and scarf-in-progress. Simple pattern: knit-knit, purl-purl.
I started this last winter (March '06). I don't really knit at home, just during my commute to work. But, for the past 9 months I've been napping during my commute. So, productivity is VERY low. I will get cracking and knit a little during the holiday weekend.

Work in Progress (Rowan Yorkshire tweed dk): I really like stripes and I've been wanting to make a scarf where I have to alternate between two different colors. I wish I made the scarf more green because I like the color (it has a specks of blue in it). Oh well, live and learn.



This is a well used apron. The same fabric combination used in one of the bags I made. See Bags Galore.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

M & E Company

How it all began....

Our $80 purchase at Target that started it all..It's been few months and we made few simple things with not so straight stitching.

The first thing we both made were draw string bags from scrap fabric. We were damn pleased with the outcome after spending, what seemed like forever, trying to figure out how to piece the fabric together into a working bag.

E's first creation

M's first creation