Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bag Itch

I've been burning, itching for a new bag and I've been 'eyeing' Edyta's red bag with the horizontal patchwork. I thought I'd make one of those, because it's simple in design and I don't have one yet :) I made mine bigger - I love big bags. I made this Sunday.

The strap goes over the head onto the other shoulder. I love orange and brown together. This was so easy to make and time went by pretty quickly. My sewing has really improved since I took that Machine Quilting class in the winter.

Not to worry, the poor image quality of the photos are only temporary. These were taken with my cell phone. I will update these later with better quality versions.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Upgrading pillows!

E's: I had these old pillows in our living room that were the color of the couch and really blend in. I decided to upgrade them and made these pillow covers. I love patchwork stuff but I wanted to keep it simple. I added the red to make them really stand out from the neutral color couch.


Summer Placemats

E's: It was a raining Sunday this past weekend so Shimbi and I decided to do some sewing. I made these placemats to use for breakfast/brunch since I didn't have a set of 4 that matched.